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What is Chiropractic Care

And What It Means to Our Patients

Optimizing and Supporting Your Self-Healing

Connected Whole Health views chiropractic health care in a holistic manner. Using a whole-person approach to health and wellness makes sense! Our doctors of chiropractic recognize the body’s ability for adaptation and recovery as an important concept in the holistic approach to your health care.

Our approach to effective and efficient health care is to optimize and support your self-healing abilities while partnering with any health care provider who helps you to obtain and maintain your health.

Chiropractic physicians evaluate your overall health with an emphasis on recovery and then preservation of your health with you as an active participant in the decision making and care progression.

The care starts with a detailed health history followed by a clinical examination and possibly additional studies to get to the root of your problem. The evaluation may include other health care providers who are not chiropractic physicians to best serve your health care needs.

Our care plans emphasize using scientific evidence to guide our care in selecting the most conservative and least invasive measures to help you. Care may involve several interventions including: manual therapy including spinal manipulation, therapeutic exercises, mobilization and stretching, rehabilitative measures, soft tissue treatment, physical therapy (such as electrotherapy, laser and ultrasound), diet counseling, nutritional therapy, lifestyle coaching, mindfulness practices and stress management counseling.

Dedication to Care

Connected Whole Health is a part of UWS where every graduate serves the patient with dedication to care that is always “for the good of the patient.” Connected Whole Health is patient focused and guided by evidence using a multi-disciplinary approach.

The doctor of chiropractic degree curriculum at UWS is focused on this core understanding and enduring commitment as we prepare graduates to provide conservative, whole-person, integrated health care.

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