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Sports Medicine

Serving Athletes From All Walks of Life

Sports Medicine

Connected Whole Health offers sports medicine treatment that includes athletic health management, physical assessments and injury treatment provided by certified chiropractic physicians and athletic trainers. The injury treatment techniques used include IASTM (Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Manipulation), chiropractic manipulation, movement-supportive and corrective taping, mobilization of joints with movement, massage and physical therapy, and myofascial release techniques.

Our sports medicine clinic specializes in:

  • Acute and chronic injury management and treatment
  • Clinical support at athletic and sporting events
  • Evaluation and treatment of sports and athletic injuries
  • Injury prevention assessments
  • Movement screenings
  • Pre-participation exams
  • Return to play assessments
  • Sports and athletic injury rehabilitation
  • Sports performance assessment and technique enhancement


What type of injuries do you treat?

Our sports medicine team can treat acute traumatic injuries and chronic overuse injuries with associated pain and dysfunction. We can also perform pre- and post-surgical rehabilitation.

What should I expect on my first sports clinic visit?

Your initial visit is comprised of a comprehensive evaluation to determine the cause of your injury or pain origin and possible underlying conditions. Then your clinician will discuss an appropriate treatment plan with you. The actual treatment may consist of soft tissue mobilization, chiropractic manipulation/mobilization, taping and rehabilitation/active care. Plan on spending at least an hour at you first visit.

What type of patients do you treat?

We treat athletes of all ages and skill levels. Our team has experience working with high school, collegiate, semi-professional, Olympic-level and professional athletes. We also treat the recreational “weekend warrior” athlete.

What types of clinicians will I be treated by at the sports clinic?

Most of our clinicians are chiropractic physicians (DCs), with expertise and experience working with sports-related injuries and conditions. Our team also has certified athletic trainers (ATCs) and other medical providers.

What is K (Kinesiology)-tape?

K-tape is an elastic tape that lifts the skin microscopically and helps stabilize and depressurize an area. This gives injured muscles and ligaments the chance to rebuild and restore. K-tape can also be applied to help prevent injuries, improve posture and alignment, and help drain fluids into the lymphatic ducts to decrease swelling and of bruising.

What is IASTM Technique?

IASTM stands for instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization and is a method of soft tissue treatment that utilizes instruments instead of hands. The material of the instruments may consist of stainless steel, plastic or wood. They are an extension of the clinician to assist in detecting and treating acute and chronic soft tissue injuries and inflammation. The instruments create a controlled microtrauma to the affected soft tissue causing a local inflammatory response and facilitates a cascade of healing activities that result in proper remodeling of affected soft tissue structures.

If I am not currently participating in sports, may I still make an appointment with the sports medicine clinic?

Yes, definitely! We realize that many people are not currently involved in sports but experience chronic symptoms due to earlier sport or athletic-related injuries.

What services does the UWS sports medicine team provide at sporting events?

The team provides pre- and post-event taping, stretching, chiropractic care, soft-tissue manipulation, injury consultation and injury evaluation. During the event we provide, first responder care, first aid and injury assessment and treatment (which may include referral to the appropriate health care provider).