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Pure Autonomic Failure: 

Pure autonomic failure is a disorder where the autonomic nervous system goes through neurodegeneration.  

Signs and symptoms: 

The signs and symptoms of pure autonomic failure range widely depending on the individual, age, and gender. You may present to your doctor or numerous specialties since it is so closely related to other disorders. Some of the symptoms include:  

● Pain when lying down  

● Problems urinating  

● Loss of ability to sweat  


Unfortunately, the causes of pure autonomic failure are unknown. Although, they have found a loss in nerve cells in the spinal cord.  


Pure autonomic failure is typically first diagnosed as hypotension. Through various orthostatic tests, supine hypertension can also be diagnosed. Along with this,  blood tests can be taken in order to check on norepinephrine levels. Through these and other tests, many other conditions and disorders will have to be ruled out first before getting to pure autonomic failure. 


Treatments for pure autonomic failure range widely depending on the patient and their positive test results. Overall, treating the specific symptoms or subdiagnosis can help. Other things include diet, water, and salt intake.  

How can a chiropractor be beneficial? 

A chiropractor can play a crucial role in helping control blood pressure through manipulations, which can help you avoid medications. Along with manipulations, a  chiropractor can provide soft tissue work to relax stressed muscles, which can allow your body to relax and feel more at ease. Lastly, we can provide coaching on lifestyle changes such as exercise to lower stress levels and how to improve your diet. 

✒️ Chief Editor: Dr. Bill Moreau | DC, DACBSP, FACSM | Chief Medical Officer University of Western States


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