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A Jones fracture is one of the most common injuries of the foot. It occurs when there is a break of the 5th metatarsal (the bone on the outside edge of your foot near where it meets another bone called the cuboid). Jones fractures may occur when one jumps and lands on the outside of their foot with the foot twisted. The fracture may also occur with a sudden increase from bone stress secondary to high-impact activity (i.e. long-distance running) or from walking on hard surfaces for long periods of time, especially in poor footwear. 

Symptoms of a Jones fracture include pain, swelling, and bruising on the outside of the foot. Jones fractures must be diagnosed with an X-ray. Most Jones fractures will heal with immobilization and being non-weight-bearing in a cast or boot. Repeat X-rays will need to be taken to ensure proper healing. If adequate healing isn’t achieved, surgery may need to occur.

Do you have pain on the outside of your foot? Did you recently have an injury where you landed on your foot and it was twisted? You may need an X-ray to determine if you have a fracture, specifically a Jones fracture.

If your foot is injured and in need of an X-ray, Connected Whole Health can help.

✒️ Chief Editor: Dr. Bill Moreau | DC, DACBSP, FACSM | Chief Medical Officer