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Workers' Compensation

What to Do When You Are Injured at Work

Connected Whole Health provides examinations and ongoing treatment associated with workers’ compensation claims. We work directly with Managed Care Organizations (MCO) and directly with employers in ensuring an effective recovery to reduce injury, and help individuals achieve optimal performance to return to work. All injuries vary – we collaborate with our patient’s care team to ensure they are receiving the necessary care and within an appropriate setting, with a whole-person approach.

What Is Workers’ Compensation?

When an employee experiences an injury on the job, the employer’s insurance pays for medical expenses for the employee receiving care in direct response of their work-related injury. At Connected Whole Health, we work with a variety of employers and industries. Whether in office or on the field, we ensure you receive optimal treatment to help recover and return to work.

What To Do If You Are Injured At Work

In the state of Oregon, employees are able to choose where to receive care for their work-related injury. We proudly serve on Managed Care Organizations (MCOs), Majoris and CareMark. These MCOs select providers based upon quality of care and success rates of returning employees back to work effectively and efficiently.

Filing a claim through your care provider

After experiencing an injury at work, it is critical to inform your provider. To ensure timely processing of claims, it is required by insurers to indicate work injuries separately from medical conditions. This requires specific paperwork such as the Oregon 827 form that we can complete in the clinic with you.

Independent And Worker Requested Medical Examinations

At Connected Whole Health, we offer Independent Medical Examinations (IMEs) for employers upon request. The purpose of an IME is to review a plaintiff’s medical condition from a non-bias viewpoint and determine through evaluation if their injuries are accurate.

When Your Claim Is Accepted

Once your claim is accepted, the employer’s insurer will cover the costs related to the injury occurred on site. It is important to complete the required paperwork and comply with treatment plans with your attending provider.

Workers’ Compensation FAQs

Oregon Workers’ Compensation Division includes various resources and information on their website.

Staying Safe at Work:

At Connected Whole Health, we focus on preventing worker injuries as well as treating them!

Hazards of the Home Office

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, many office workers packed up what they could from their office spaces and set up shop at home. Many employees have been making use of armchairs, couches and beds to support their new work-from-home  lifestyle.

No matter how comfortable these solutions might seem, these “non-office environments” have the potential to put stress on various parts of the body, which can lead to discomfort, fatigue and soreness. To help keep these ergonomic issues at bay, there are some recommendations to keep your computer workstation hazard-free. Connected Whole Health offers virtual visits to discuss proactive stretches, posture and exercises in the workplace to prevent and limit injuries – both at home and in the office.