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Dr. Ryan Ondick began chiropractic practice in 2002 and has worked as a chiropractic physician in the University of Western States (UWS) clinic system since 2005. He started school at UWS in 1998 without ever being adjusted and fellow clinician, Dr. Ginter, was the first person to ever adjust him. He mentors and supervises 3rd and 4th year interns as they develop their clinical skills. Dr. Ondick also assists students as a sports medicine and outreach supervisor which involves overseeing the assessment, diagnosis and management of patients throughout the greater Portland metro area. While he considers himself a jack of all trades, rehabilitation is one of Dr. Ondick’s passions as it helps empowers people to have control over their own pain, aid in their rate of recovery and possible reduce reinjury. He currently serves as the faculty advisor for the UWS rehabilitation club.

Dr. Ondick is an avid outdoor enthusiast who enjoys archery, lacrosse, running and the diverse beauty of the Pacific Northwest.