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Active Care

Ensuring Positive Outcomes

What is active care?

At Connected Whole Health we care for each patient as an individual regardless of the clinical concern or condition they need addressed to ensure an effective and expedient recovery.

An active treatment plan provided by a chiropractic physician relies on partnership with the patient for the care to be successful. When you are an active participant in your health care plan, the care outcome becomes more effective. Active treatment plans keep your body strong and as flexible as possible through an exercise plan which limits the detrimental long-term impact of the problem and helps you to a faster recovery.

The frequency of care is dependent on the unique holistic characteristics of you and your diagnosis. Care frequency reduces simultaneously with your recovery. Goals are set and measured to ensure we achieve positive outcomes.

Client Centered

Connected Whole Health active care incorporates a variety of approaches customized for our patients. We identify methods you can help in your recovery by using home health care exercise programs to keep the recovery moving forward.

Patients in need of discussing current at-home exercises have the option of skipping in-person visits and connect virtually. Call us to schedule today!

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