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Athletes commonly encounter soft tissue conditions such as muscle strains, sprains, myofascial trigger points, and tendinopathies. As doctors of chiropractic, we identify and treat these conditions on a daily basis. Enthesopathy is another condition patients present with, but how many of you have heard of it? 

Enthesopathy is inflammation of connective tissue like ligaments, tendons, and joint capsules at their sites of attachment to the bone. This transitional area between connective tissue and bone is known as the enthesis, and it can become inflamed, irritated, and degenerate for various reasons. Tissue damage at the enthesis often occurs due to improper joint mechanics, muscle imbalance, or excessive activity. Enthesopathy can also present as part of a more extensive disease process including inflammatory diseases like Ankylosing Spondylitis and Psoriatic Arthritis.

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✒️ Chief Editor: Dr. Bill Moreau | DC, DACBSP, FACSM | Chief Medical Officer