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Dr. Lindsay Pelley’s experience with chiropractic care spans back to her athletic adolescence. After seeking chiropractic treatment for a soccer-related injury, Dr. Pelley developed an understanding and appreciation for the broad array of ways in which chiropractic care can promote well-being. 

Dr. Pelley understands well-being as living well, and her holistic approach places emphasis on equilibrium of both mind and body. She upholds this view by coordinating care unique to the individual which is achieved through the integration of treatment methods such as diversified manual adjustment of both the spine and extremities, Activator and drop table, myofascial manipulation, supplementation, kinesiotaping, IASTM (instrument assisted soft tissue manipulation), and both preventative and recovery-based exercise therapy. 

Dr. Pelley’s specialty areas encompass working with a hypermobile population such as yogis and dancers, providing treatment for temporomandibular disorders, conducting functional movement assessments to enhance performance, and focusing on the fundamentals of health including diet and nutrition, diaphragmatic breathing techniques and mindfulness.

When not providing care to patients, Dr. Pelley enjoys spending time with her family, exploring and connecting with nature.